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Team SPEEDPIXELS lives according to the Motto: Nutrition first, esports first, and performance first. This company knows esports and nutrition inside out. Now we have found a new Sponsor, who embodies the whole outward. is one modern eSports suplement, that Developed with scientists, to give you the best power for Play your GAME! The performance drink provides you with hours of constant energy, increases your concentration and the whole without sugar crash. The perfect companio...
We have over time realize, that Cube Engery don´t provide us the Support that we need. Was happy for get any Support from Cube Energy and it´s was cool work with this Company together. But since today Cube Energy and SPEEDPIXELS go separate ways. Cube Energy retreats from today with immediate effect, from the whole eSports sponsoring. The Company wants more invest in Bike / Motocross Sports so that the total resources of Sponsoring are exhausted. The Owner of Cube Energy and SPEEDPIXELS ...
A Long time ago we opend a new Pracc Group, now ends the BETA test and we start, offer good Teams to join our Group. Why we do this? Because we know in CS:GO exist a lot of teams with potential, but they never get a chance to play vs good Teams to show their potential. Thats why we open this grandios pracc group. The concept is easy: We have many slots for semi pro/ pro teams, that mean we invite from us or request teams. We aim to a international pracc Group, so germany teams only get 3...
SPEEDPIXELS recommends FSHost as our main Serverhost, the Gameserver quality is very good. Another Focus is the Ping, which are realy stable and try to get the lowest ping value. FSHost is one of the most famous and largest German game server hoster and stands for quality instead of quantity. Newest hardware and the current core technologies ensure the best gameplay. All of your Teams love FSHost. We also use the Teamspeak from NexTeamspeak and we must say this is one of the best Teamspea...
17.05.2017 - 16:46
Now we can inform you proudly that GUNNAR Optik's is one of our miraculous sponsors. Your eyes hurt, you don´t see really well and are because of that not in your top a form. Gunnar Optik brings you without any problems on your top to level with their great eye-protect glasses! You can´t be at the computer the hole day without any protection. It is not good for your eyes! Do something to protect you and your eyes! Gunnar Optik´s is the best Partner. Don´t see white, protect your eyes!
SPEEDPIXELS vs. Playing Ducks Female 
Counter-Strike:GO - 22.05.2017
SPEEDPIXELS vs. Impulse Gaming.fem
Counter-Strike:GO - 12.05.2017
SPEEDPIXELS vs. Veritas Interplay.fem
Counter-Strike:GO - 06.05.2017
SPEEDPIXELS vs. Doyoueven
Counter-Strike:GO - 02.05.2017
Counter-Strike:GO - 02.05.2017
  SPEEDPIXELS - RETAKE | Fast DL | 128 Tick by FSHost
Status: online
Game: Counter-Strike:GO
Information: Retake Server // with Plugins
Connect: click for connect

The SPEEDPIXELS Teams were officially invented on the 20th of February 2015, and was previously called EVERYDAY. The Project SPEEDPIXELS wants to reach the goals which EVERYDAY recently did, playing successfully in German EPS and EMS. We place the importance on the public perception of Team SPEEDPIXELS, on our community and on our players. In our opinion it is indispensable to give our players a vision to make them even more attractive for advertising media. We are proud that we have such strong partners who support us with their best marketing, and we are still open for new partnerships and new experiences. With our new Team we are very confident to reach our goals and doing everything what is possible to prove our partners its good for supporting us... more  - Disclaimer | Datenschutz