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We proudly present our new semi professional H1Z1 - Team powered by NexTeamspeak & Eagle Computer. Why we take a H1Z1? The answer is simple we want go a new Way! H1Z1 is one of the most played survivor games. The Headquarter of SPEEDPIXELS H1Z1 is in middle of czech republic. We are realy happy to go this Way. Cause we know, the team arround Michael can grow up to one of the best H1Z1 teams in europe. We are ready for a good start and a lot of successes in the H1Z1 scene.
SPEEDPIXELS recommends FSHost as our main Serverhost, the Gameserver quality is very good. Another Focus is the Ping, which are realy stable and try to get the lowest ping value. FSHost is one of the most famous and largest German game server hoster and stands for quality instead of quantity. Newest hardware and the current core technologies ensure the best gameplay. All of your Teams love FSHost. We also use the Teamspeak from NexTeamspeak and we must say this is one of the best Teamspea...
Our Female Team start play on Female Open Summer with an outstanding result. The first match was successful with 2-0 versus Veritas Interplay Female. We are realy glad to have this Team in our Organisation. And we are pretty sure they will reach the Goal to be one of the top female Team in the CS scene. We will now be in every female league that there are representatives. Big thanks to our loyal Sponsors, who have been with us for years; FSHost, NexTeamspeak and GUNNAR. Our Females like t...
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Community Manager
- Organisation von Bootcamps und Events
- Social-Media-Posting wie Facebook und Twitter
- Community-Pflege auf Teamspeak
- Werbung für das Projekt
- Managen von Community Teams / Membern
- Planung von Cups
- Planung von Giveaways

- Lesen der verschiedenen News
- Organisation des Redaktionsteams
- Neuigkeiterfassung über die Szene
- Berichterstattung von Events
- Berichterstattung Turnieren und Ligen
- Coverage pflege und Sozial Media Posting
- Newskonzept erstellen

- Verfassung von Neuigkeiten über die Szene
- Berichterstattung von Events
- Berichterstattung von Ligen und Turnieren
- Coveragepflege
- Match-Reports
- Jobs-Pflege
- Interviews und Statements

Media Manager
- Verwalten von Demos sowie Replays
- Aktualisierung von Spielplänen
- Aktualisierung von Tabellen auf Homepage
- Verwalten der Videosektion
- Verwalten der Downloadsektion
- Verwalten der Galeriesektion
- Datenpflege im Sozialen-Netzwerk-Bereich

Grafiker & Videobearbeitung
- Grafikdesign für News
- Grafikedesign für TeamSpeak
- Grafikdesign für Homepage
- Grafik-Support bei Grafik-Problemen
- Bearbeitung von (Frag) Movies
- Erstellen eines Intros

Team Scout
- Neue Teams suchen
- Aufbau Erstkontakt zu neuen Teams
- Kontakt zwischen Team und Projekt
- Termine zu Projekt und Team organisieren

Sponsor Scout
- Neue Sponsoren-Suche
- Kontakte zu Sponsoren aufbauen
- An Meetings teilnehmen
- Aktuellen Sponsor vermarkten
- Werben für das Projekt
- Werbe-Plätze verteilen
- Sponsoren an Teams verteilen
- Konzentration auf aktuellen Markt
Marketing Manager
- Erstkontakt zu möglichen Partnern aufbauen
- Textliche Mitgestaltung an Vorstellungsmappe
- Terminierung zwischen Partner & Projekt
- Vermittler von Projektleiter & Teammanager
- Betreuung der Team-Manager

SPEEDPIXELS vs. Playing Ducks Female 
Counter-Strike:GO - 22.05.2017
SPEEDPIXELS vs. Impulse Gaming.fem
Counter-Strike:GO - 12.05.2017
SPEEDPIXELS vs. Veritas Interplay.fem
Counter-Strike:GO - 06.05.2017
SPEEDPIXELS vs. Doyoueven
Counter-Strike:GO - 02.05.2017
Counter-Strike:GO - 02.05.2017
  SPEEDPIXELS - RETAKE | Fast DL | 128 Tick by FSHost
Status: online
Game: Counter-Strike:GO
Information: Retake Server // with Plugins
Connect: click for connect

The SPEEDPIXELS Teams were officially invented on the 20th of February 2015, and was previously called EVERYDAY. The Project SPEEDPIXELS wants to reach the goals which EVERYDAY recently did, playing successfully in German EPS and EMS. We place the importance on the public perception of Team SPEEDPIXELS, on our community and on our players. In our opinion it is indispensable to give our players a vision to make them even more attractive for advertising media. We are proud that we have such strong partners who support us with their best marketing, and we are still open for new partnerships and new experiences. With our new Team we are very confident to reach our goals and doing everything what is possible to prove our partners its good for supporting us... more  - Disclaimer | Datenschutz