SPEEDPIXELS is online with a new BETA Website our motto is BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER. Many changes coming up 2017, we start with a new professional CS:GO Line-Up. We have special goalsthat will be reached with our new Line-Up. Of course it continues this year, following the motto: FEEL THE POWER OF PIXELS. We only support CS:GO for the next years and we are happy for catching up this Line-Up. Of course we continue working side by side with our partners to release our Shop in the process of this year. Moreover we announce that we will do some contests and raffles, powered by the work with our sponsors.
The SPEEDPIXELS Teams were officially invented on the 20th of February 2015, and was previously called EVERYDAY. The Project SPEEDPIXELS wants to reach the goals which EVERYDAY recently did, playing successfully in German EPS and EMS. We place the importance on the public perception of Team SPEEDPIXELS, on our community and on our players. In our opinion it is indispensable to give our players a vision to make them even more attractive for advertising media. We are proud that we have such strong partners who support us with their best marketing, and we are still open for new partnerships and new experiences. With our new Team we are very confident to reach our goals and doing everything what is possible to prove our partners that they’ve made the right decision supporting us. If we have awaken your interests or you have any questions, feel free to send us an E-Mail... more in german  - Imprint | Disclaimer | Online privacy